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Why It Makes Sense to Keep A Food Emergency Kit On Hand at All Times

While most people understand the importance of keeping the larder stocked, they don't tend to think about keeping foods on hand that are designed for use in emergency situations. In fact, food kits of this type should be secured for every member of the family. Here are some examples of how a 72 hour food kit can make a huge difference in a number of scenarios.

Making It Through a Hurricane

People who live in coastal areas know how things can get during a hurricane. Once the house is prepared for the high winds and driving rain, the family can retire to the basement and prepare to ride out the storm.

During the hurricane, it's not unusual for access to power and water to be lost. Since it could be hours or even days before the utilities are restored, cooking most of the food in the pantry will be out of the question. A 72 hour food kit will include items that are tasty, nutritious, and require little in the way of preparation. Assuming the homeowner stocked up on bottled water to use in an emergency, there's no reason that the family can't get by with ease.

Emergency Evacuation

The weather is anticipated to be so severe that flooding is a real possibility. The call goes out for everyone to evacuate the area. Along with grabbing essentials like clothing and cash, it helps to take along some of those food kits. Depending on how far-reaching the storm has to be, it could be some time before the family can find a motel room and access to food. Those food kits will ensure that no one has to go hungry while the family seeks a safe place.

Getting Snowed In

When the snow first begin to fall, it the view outside the window was magical. Once the power went out and it was no longer possible to use the stove, the magic began to wear a bit thin. Even though it may take a couple of days for the snow to stop falling and the plows to get through, there are no worries. That's because the homeowner has enough food kits on hand to get the family through several days without outside help.

Remember that the right type of kit will remain edible for up to 25 years. Why not purchase several kits and keep them in a safe place? Visit https://secure.72hourfoodkit.com and learn more about what types of foods can be found in the kits and place an order. Once they are on hand, the family will be ready for just about anything.